Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Day In A Nutshell...

This morning my quiet time was on forgiveness. When I read my devotional, I thought that maybe it was just a reminder for me but not really something that I deal with. No one came to mind that I am harboring unforgiveness toward. And then my day started...

I had a three o'clock deadline for my job and my computer decides it is not going to cooperate. I met the deadline, but was almost late picking my kids up from school.

I have been operating on very few hours of sleep for weeks now and today I feel the magnitude of my lack of sleep. My patience are not in abundance today.

Homework is especially long today. I am the meanest mom EVER for making someone write in cursive. And it is all my fault because I have not read the book that the report is on. It is suggested that I read a 182 page book within the hour so I can help! I laugh!

My daughter is to be in the homecoming parade since she attended cheer camp. The note from cheer camp says to have her at the front of the school at 5:30 since the parade starts at 6:00. We are on our way to the school and the police are already blocking off streets. I tell the police that I need to drop her off at the school to be in the parade. He doesn't really care and won't let me through. I end up having to go around the world to get to the school. I am still trying to get to the front of the school only to have every way blocked by the police. We can see the floats lined up down the side street. I end up having to park behind the football field and walk up the side street which is one BIG hill. I am in flip flops that squeek because my feet are sweaty. My daughter takes off running while MawMaw here is pulling up the rear. She gets almost to the top and the floats starts pulling off. It was quite a scene.

My daughter turns around and starts back down to me. I could see it on her face. Before she reached me the reality of the situation hit her and she just started crying. I told her that I would get her in the parade. It was one of those moments that my adrenaline kicked in and I was about to stop a parade. We jogged to the car, well I did not jog the whole way. I wanted to live! I was on a mission and I would not stop until my baby gets in the parade.

I may have been driving like a crazy woman but I figured all the police were busy blocking off streets. I told her to stop crying because she didn't want to look like she had been crying in the parade. She said, "Mama I want to stop but I am just so sad and mad!" How many times have I been there!

Well long story short, I got her in the parade. I walked out to the float and she hopped right on.

She's the one in the cheerleader's lap near the poster.

Since I am recapping my day, let me just add that I had to use a toothpick to stick in my camera to be able to take a picture.

My whole point to this was that I had plenty of opportunties to forgive people today and I needed people to forgive me. Next time I will know if my devotion is on a topic that I don't really think I struggle with, then I better watch out for what's to come.

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