Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh The Fun I'm Having...

Well, this week I have learned more about baby kittens than I ever thought I wanted to know. My new knowledge has given me a great, GREAT respect for the mama cats in this world.

Let me just tell you if you are in the throws of motherhood with a little one, I am going to share something with you that will make you thankful today.

Did you know that little kittens are not born knowing they need to use the bathroom. Now if you are in the midst of having a child in diapers you might think that is a really good thing. Oh but you just wait!

The mother cat plays a huge roll in the little baby kitten realizing it needs to use the bathroom. You will never guess what she has to do...she has to lick its behind!

Oh yes ma'am she does!

You may be asking yourself how I know this. I learned that interesting fact this week and have spent a couple of days having to rub a certain kitty's behind myself. Let me just tell you that I have obviously lost my mind. If you would have told me last week that this week I would be rubbing a kittens behind and feeding it with a bottle, well I would have laughed at you.

We had a huge celebration on Wednesday morning. Snowball finally decided to use the bathroom during the night and I for one was just about giddy. For me it meant no more rubbing of the behind! Hallelujah!

(I can not even believe I am blogging about this.)

Today I spent most of the day cleaning out my son's closet. I did the dreadful "Switching of the Seasons" and used the most wonderful thing today. I finally tried Space Bags and I love them! I was amazed at how much you can fit in a bag. And it is really exciting when you suck all of the air out of it.

Obviously with the week I am having, it doesn't take much to excite me.

I then moved on to my car and decided it was beyond time to clean it out. I discovered that my daughter has a real problem. The girl had six bags/purses full of junk in the car. Honestly it was mostly her stuff in the car. I climbed into the back row of seats and was disgusted. Apparently someone spilled something nasty back there and decided not to tell anyone. I got out the Joy soap and went to town. Now I won't be embarrassed to let people ride with me this weekend.

I can not wait until Saturday! Me and several women from my church are going to see Beth Moore Live in Woodstock. I am so looking forward to the conference and to hearing Travis Cottrell lead worship.

Well, I must go. Snowball needs to be fed one more time before bed and I am really tired. All this cleaning today has worn me out!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

I Promise I Am Not Making This Up!

What is that sawing I hear coming from my kitchen? It must be my grand kitchen renovation getting underway, complete with granite and stainless steel! I CAN NOT WAIT!

Oh no, I'm just dreaming! The sawing is a rescue effort that is underway...

I must go back to last night so you will understand what is going on.

Last night at church the kids discovered two very cute kittens. They were tiny little things. If you know anything about me, you know that all my cats have come from the church. So after standing around taking in all their cuteness, I decided I needed to get out of there. Just recently our two cats have gone to discover greener pastures or the neighbors house or whatever. (Our neighbors took our first cat Ariel and renamed her Penelope and decided she was going to be their housecat. What does it say about me that I did not go over to their house and fight for her? Well, I'll just let you decide...)

I do not believe that they have our other two cats, Calli and Savannah. Savannah likes the "bad boy" neighborhood cat and I think she ran off with him. I'm really disappointed in her. Calli does not have the ability to like boys anymore if you know what I mean, so I really don't think she has run off with a bad cat. She just likes to take vacations occasionally and we are hoping that she comes back soon.

Well, my husband was a total softy yesterday and totally gave in to crazy requests. Yes, you guessed it...when Max turned on the waterworks his dad gave into him. (I probably would have done the same thing.) And this was the result...

This morning I got the kitten out to try and feed it. I sat it in the floor of the kitchen and turned to open a can. When I turned back around the kitten was gone.


I soon saw the tip of it's tail under my cabinet. There is a small, small opening under my cabinets and that kitten crawled in there. The space is not accessable at all. I quickly pulled out the drawers thinking I could grab it, but nope that cabinet is completely closed off. So I opened the corner cabinet doors and began feeling around, but nope that cabinet is also completely closed off. The kitten is in a small space behind the kick plate on the cabinets.

I knew at that point that the situation was just really not going to turn out well. I began to pray and beg for the kitten to come out.

Cliff came back home to get something and I filled him in on the situation. We quickly determined that it was all his fault for bringing the kitten home in the first place. You know the best thing to do in a situation like this is access the blame up front so there is no confusion. Ha!

For the next two hours...TWO HOURS...we begged and pleaded with the kitten to come out. We both tried our very best mama kitten meow and then I just thought I would change it up with a variety of cat sounds. (I was loosing my mind at that point) Cliff started making some crazy clicking sound and I told him there was not an animal alive that made that sound. Finally the only option we had left was to start sawing a hole so we could get our hand in there to grab it.

Well, all that sawing scared it to death and it went way back in the hole. We couldn't hear it or feel it. I thought maybe we killed it by causing it to have a heartattack. We waited awhile and still no luck. So the only thing left to do it take up the shoe molding and the kick plate.

I was pretty much sick at this point because I knew my kitchen would never be the same. Cliff finally gets the shoe molding off and then we hear a tiny meow. At least we knew it was still alive. Cliff reached his hand up in the hole and was able to grab the kitten and slowly pull it out. I snapped this picture to document the insanity...

This was exactly the way I pictured my week starting. I am afraid of what might be in store for the rest of the week.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

Well today is bringing Spring Break to a close. It has been such an exciting week that I can hardly catch my breath.

Oh how I kid!

My children did not want to do much of anything. I tried to entice them with a trip to the Zoo, Six Flags or The World of Coke. The Zoo was too boring to them. Six Flags would be too crowded and The World of Coke just did not interest a certain little boy. (Who are these kids!) I guess this mama just did not want to sit at home and look at all the things she should be doing.

We did make it to the movies one day because it rained. We saw Diary of a Wimpy Kids. It was cute.

We also entertained spend the night company and I cleaned and did laundry. I know it was more excitement than I could stand. Just let us know if you want us to plan a very exciting week for you!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thank You Jesus!

Thank you for the cross Lord
Thank you for your nail pierced hands

Thank you for paying a debt that I could not pay
Thank you for offering me forgiveness and salvation

Thank you for praying in the Garden, "Not my will but yours"
Thank you for sacrificing yourself for me

Thank you for taking the beatings and suffering so much for me

Thank you for conquering the grave and offering me life
Thank you for saving my soul!

I praise you!
There is none like You!

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