Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boda, Boda

When in Uganda, do as the Ugandans do!

My driver looks thrilled doesn't he! 

These are called bodas here and basically they are what everybody uses to get around.  The first time I got on yesterday, I held onto the driver for dear life.  Today I was more of a pro and held the bar behind my back.  The Ugandan women ride side saddle but this mzunga wasn't trying that.  I was for sure I would fall off. 

Today we got up and straightened up our room in anticipation of Brenda coming.  We ate some breakfast and then hopped on bodas and headed to town.  We are now back and waiting anxiously for everyone to arrive.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Waiting is Over...Almost

Well, as most of you know we are in Africa.  When we got the final word, it was kinda a rush to get everything packed and together.  As far as I can tell, my hair brush was the only thing I forgot.  So that is not too bad. 

We had great flights here.  We got to see the Statue of Liberty as we were flying in and leaving Newark.  And let me tell you that New York lit up at night is a beautiful sight.  We left Newark and flew to Brussels.  Here is the sunrise as we were nearing Brussels.  This pictures does not do it justice.  I took it as a gift or special sign from the Lord just for us.  He is so Good!
After a layover in Brussels, we flew on to Rwanda and then to Uganda.  On this flight we got to see another spectacular sight...the Swiss Alps (or atleast that is what we are calling them, we are really up on our geography!)

We arrived in Entebbe, Uganda on Thursday night close to midnight.  We had made arrangements to stay near the airport at a guesthouse since we were arriving so late.  It felt wonderful to get to lay in a bed and sleep instead of trying to sleep in the airplane.  The Entebbe Airport Guesthouse was great and we enjoyed our night there.  Here are some pictures from the guesthouse.

After leaving Entebbe, we went to Kampala to get us a phone and some other things we needed.  We also met with our lawyer.  Then our driver, Richard, took us on the two hour drive to Jinja.  This was adventurous as lots of people were heading out of Kampala heading to their villages.  There were only a couple of times that I cried out to Jesus and closed my eyes!

We are now at our guesthouse in Jinja where we stayed last year.  They actually gave us the same room as we stayed in last year.  We have just been hanging out here today taking it easy.  On Sunday, Pastor Bernard, Brenda and her grandparents will come to the guesthouse.  We can't wait to see her!

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