Thursday, November 12, 2009

Farewell to the Beat of Eye of the Tiger

Tonight we bid a fond farewell to Sunny. She was gold and had fins and was such a delight. She was not noisy and she minded her own business. She was a delightful little gold fish.

I regretfully had to deliver the news to my daughter who fell out in the floor when I spoke the words "Sunny is no longer with us." It was a very impressive display of grief especially since she had only had Sunny just shy of two weeks. She won Sunny at the Fall Festival at church. Apparently their bond was deeper than I thought.

I suggested that we have a funeral to help ease my daughter's grief. My son escorted my daughter to Sunny's final resting place (a.k.a. the toilet in our hall bathroom) As they walked, he hummed the wedding march. I told him it was a wedding song and not a funeral song, but he just kept on a singin.

I spoke some kinds words on behalf of Sunny and then asked if anyone had anything they would like to say. Mind you we are all gathered around "the sea". My son delivered a very, very moving eulogy. It went something like "So long Sunny, we will miss you even though you weren't very smart. In fact, you were pretty dumb." (He did not understand why she couldn't swim through the treasure chest. She would get right up to the hole in the chest and then swim around it.)

My daughter had very few words. She just say goodbye. At this point her grief had turned to laughter.

I said that we should have a song or something to end the funeral. My son suggested Eye of the Tiger. My daughter loved that suggestion and so we ended the funeral by humming Eye of the Tiger.

My son did the honor of flushing her to the deep blue yonder.

Please let us know if you would like us to handle any of your farewell arrangements. Clearly we know how to do it up right!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


With so many things going around these days, when you hear the word contagious you usually want to run. I know it makes me want to reach for the antibacterial hand santizer and take a step or two back. However, I ran into someone tonight that had something that I really wanted to catch. I hugged her and even grabbed her hands in hopes that I would catch it.

Have I lost my mind?

Well maybe, but I don't think so.

She was all a glow because God had been doing some really amazing things in her life. She began to share with me what her days had held and how God had spoken to her. It really was contagious and I was really hoping to catch it.

It really got me thinking about what I exude.

Am I a display of His splendor?

Is He what people see when they look at me or do they see me?

I was reminded of what I need to be doing and that is dying to myself, feasting on His Word and listening for His still small voice. When I get myself out of the way, then He can truly shine through!

May the splendor of the Lord shine through us all today!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Before and After

Finally I have finished the make over of our bedroom. It was quite a sight to see me trying to move a king size mattress by self. But I managed and I really love the way the room looks now. So here is the before picture.

Don't adjust your eyes. Yes, you are in fact seeing a Christmas tree laying under the window. And yes, it has been there since we took it down in December. I think I mentioned before that we were not able to find a box to fit the 9 foot beauty. We are hoping to find something this year.

And I just noticed the sock under the bed. We are classy folks I tell ya!

Another view of the before. Our walls are a light blue green color. I don't really know what the color is called but I love it. It is a very soothing color. Our bathroom which is right off our room is painted taupe and the curtains and towels are this green color. The rugs are chocolate brown.

And here comes the after pictures!

I really love it! The comforter is the same color as the walls. The chocolate on the comforter really makes our furniture look rich. I also really like the curtains. I think my curtain rods need to be higher and the rods also need to be heavier. That will be another project for another day.

And now you get a much better view of the Christmas tree. It really adds alot doesn't it! If you look out the window it looks like someone is standing on the deck. It is not really a person, it is just my husband's hunting clothes hanging from the gazebo. Apparently the gazebo doubles as a hunting closet. Who knew it was so versitile! We make a good redneck joke. Classy I tell ya!

Have a great day!

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