Thursday, November 5, 2009

Before and After

Finally I have finished the make over of our bedroom. It was quite a sight to see me trying to move a king size mattress by self. But I managed and I really love the way the room looks now. So here is the before picture.

Don't adjust your eyes. Yes, you are in fact seeing a Christmas tree laying under the window. And yes, it has been there since we took it down in December. I think I mentioned before that we were not able to find a box to fit the 9 foot beauty. We are hoping to find something this year.

And I just noticed the sock under the bed. We are classy folks I tell ya!

Another view of the before. Our walls are a light blue green color. I don't really know what the color is called but I love it. It is a very soothing color. Our bathroom which is right off our room is painted taupe and the curtains and towels are this green color. The rugs are chocolate brown.

And here comes the after pictures!

I really love it! The comforter is the same color as the walls. The chocolate on the comforter really makes our furniture look rich. I also really like the curtains. I think my curtain rods need to be higher and the rods also need to be heavier. That will be another project for another day.

And now you get a much better view of the Christmas tree. It really adds alot doesn't it! If you look out the window it looks like someone is standing on the deck. It is not really a person, it is just my husband's hunting clothes hanging from the gazebo. Apparently the gazebo doubles as a hunting closet. Who knew it was so versitile! We make a good redneck joke. Classy I tell ya!

Have a great day!

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carolinapeach said...

I love it. Amazing how changing a few simple things can totally change the looks of a room. It's very nice looking. You did good, girl! You might be a redneck if...

wendycreel1 said...

I just wanted to tell you what an awesome time we had skiing with you guys last week. We had a Blast! I hope your family had as much fun as mine. It has been too long since we've spent that much time together. I love you guys! See ya tonight at Soup and Salad!