Monday, May 31, 2010

So Long May

May has gotten away from me. It seems like the last couple of weeks were a blur of busyness. I did want to update you on the talent show. At the last minute, my little performer decided that she needed flames on her skirt.

The talent show was on Friday morning and on Thursday night I was enjoying a girls night out. So I enjoyed going to Walmart with my girlfriends at midnight in search of flames. Luckily, I found fabric with flames on it. I am not exaggerating that I was up until 2:30 in the morning cutting out flames and ironing them on to her skirt.

Honestly, it was all worth it when she saw the skirt. She loved it and I think I impressed her with my "flame ability". Here is a picture of my little performer.

She did great lip singing her song, but unfortunately the moves did not come to her. She basically just stood still. I was just so proud of her for getting up in front of her classmates and performing. She already has big plans for next year's show.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When did it happen?

This Friday my daughter is in the talent show at her school. It really surprised me when she told me that she wanted to try out. She is going to be lip singing to a Kids Bop song called Fire Burning.

Well, she made the cut for the talent show but her music teacher did tell her she needed to get some moves. If you know anything about me, you know that I do not have moves. Oh sure I can move if something is chasing me, but to choreograph a number to the tune of Fire Burning isn't really something I am good at.

Despite my short comings in the dance area, I thought I would give it a try. Today I thought we could just do a run through and get some "moves". I started the cd and gave it a try. My daughter immediately started laughing and telling me how goofy I looked.

Apparently my moves are goofy and something to be laughed at. It kinda hurt my feelings. When did I become goofy and uncool?

Best I can tell, it all happened when I got the name "Mom" a little over 9 years ago.

Then some drama ensued and I had to get a reality check. I got a little to into the talent show and my expectations got a little out of whack. Do you ever do that?

I read a devotion this morning about not letting your tale feathers get ruffled. To step back from the situation and make a choice. Let your head spin around a few time or choose joy or grace or mercy or patience or love.

Today I will be honest and tell you that my head started to spin and then I got a hold of it. I am so proud of my daughter for having the confidence to stand in front of the whole first grade and lip sing to this song. At her age, I would never have dreamed of doing something like that. So I had a real choice to make - ask like a crazy mom or let go of my expectations and let her do it her way. I chose to let her do it her way. She says that the moves will come to her and you know what I bet they will.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Monday, Monday, Monday!

My Monday morning did not start out at all how I wanted it to. Why is it that on Monday your sheets hold you captive? My bed never feels better than on a Monday morning.

So, I surrendered to my sheets and sleep through the snooze about 4 or 5 times. When I finally mustered the energy to get up, well we had to throw it into high geer to make it to school on time. Of course my daughter did not feel the need to hurry or to like any of her clothes this morning. To say it was a struggle is an understatement.

I finally get us to the kitchen to be reminded that we did not have bread, waffles, muffin mix or basically anything. I did manage to find some pancake mix in the pantry, to which my daughter said she did not really want pancakes but she would eat them.

Well, thank you! (That pretty much sums up my feelings)

While serving my delicious breakfast, I spot some legs on our deck. The four legs look a lot like my dog but how can he be out of his invisible fence?

I had no time to think about the dog because I was busy being a drill sargent; "Get your shoes, brush your teeth, get your bookbag, HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!"

I was tempted to not return home after taking the kids to school because of all the fun that awaited me. My husband was in the bed not feeling well, my dog was muddy and out of his fence and Lucky (formerly know as Snowball) was starving.

I managed to get my dog back in his fence but not before I was muddy from head to toe. I also got Lucky fed. Then I headed to the bath where I wanted to sit for the rest of the day.

I concluded the day by feeding my children box macaroni and cheese but I made it healthy by serving it with apples and grapes. I had to serve this because I still don't have bread or much of anything else.

Oh Monday, Monday, Monday you never disappoint.

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