Monday, April 8, 2013

An Update

"I miss her" was the whisper of my heart to God as I sat listening to the Suubi tribe sing at Dollywood.  Tears began to sting my eyes as I tried to blink them away. 

Everyday I think of her, but somedays I miss her so bad that my heart physically hurts.  And when I am around another child that shares her same accent and ebony skin, well my heart hurts for her. 

We are still waiting and it is not easy.  I want so badly to get on an airplane and go get our girl but I know that is not possible.  So, we continue to wait.

Over the past few months we have wanted to give up and say enough, but every time we have that feeling God sends some sort of message that we are to continue on.  Just a few weeks ago we were once again at this point.  There has been no movement in our case and it really just doesn't appear that there is going to be any.  I had shared with my family, through tears, that this was the hardest thing in my life I had ever done and that I just wanted to give up but I felt that God was saying to continue on.  A couple of days later, we received a picture of her through email.  We can't give up! 

I can't close my eyes and pretend she doesn't exist.  She is real and the reality is that there are thousands more little precious faces just like her in need of a family to love them.  And my response is "well I'm here let me love her, but the reply is wait!"

 And so we will continue to wait because the story that God is writing it bigger and better than anything that I could dream up.  After all we are here for the glory of His renown and I want my life to exclaim His glory!
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