Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh The Fun I'm Having...

Well, this week I have learned more about baby kittens than I ever thought I wanted to know. My new knowledge has given me a great, GREAT respect for the mama cats in this world.

Let me just tell you if you are in the throws of motherhood with a little one, I am going to share something with you that will make you thankful today.

Did you know that little kittens are not born knowing they need to use the bathroom. Now if you are in the midst of having a child in diapers you might think that is a really good thing. Oh but you just wait!

The mother cat plays a huge roll in the little baby kitten realizing it needs to use the bathroom. You will never guess what she has to do...she has to lick its behind!

Oh yes ma'am she does!

You may be asking yourself how I know this. I learned that interesting fact this week and have spent a couple of days having to rub a certain kitty's behind myself. Let me just tell you that I have obviously lost my mind. If you would have told me last week that this week I would be rubbing a kittens behind and feeding it with a bottle, well I would have laughed at you.

We had a huge celebration on Wednesday morning. Snowball finally decided to use the bathroom during the night and I for one was just about giddy. For me it meant no more rubbing of the behind! Hallelujah!

(I can not even believe I am blogging about this.)

Today I spent most of the day cleaning out my son's closet. I did the dreadful "Switching of the Seasons" and used the most wonderful thing today. I finally tried Space Bags and I love them! I was amazed at how much you can fit in a bag. And it is really exciting when you suck all of the air out of it.

Obviously with the week I am having, it doesn't take much to excite me.

I then moved on to my car and decided it was beyond time to clean it out. I discovered that my daughter has a real problem. The girl had six bags/purses full of junk in the car. Honestly it was mostly her stuff in the car. I climbed into the back row of seats and was disgusted. Apparently someone spilled something nasty back there and decided not to tell anyone. I got out the Joy soap and went to town. Now I won't be embarrassed to let people ride with me this weekend.

I can not wait until Saturday! Me and several women from my church are going to see Beth Moore Live in Woodstock. I am so looking forward to the conference and to hearing Travis Cottrell lead worship.

Well, I must go. Snowball needs to be fed one more time before bed and I am really tired. All this cleaning today has worn me out!

Enjoy your weekend!

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