Thursday, August 13, 2009

We Need You God!

Today I am saddened for women.

Today God opened my eyes to the reality of the world that I live in and it breaks my heart.

We are promoting a conference for teen girls and women that is being hosted at my church the end of September. The conference is called The Real Me Conference. We are armed with flyers and we have painted our car windows advertising the conference. I try to always hand out the flyers when I am out in the community.

Today while at Walmart, I eagerly whipped out my flyer and handed it to the cashier. I explained briefly what it was because there were people behind me and I know everyone is always in a hurry. She asked me "What's it about?" and I gave another brief explanation. She asked me again, "What's it about?" I simply said, "it's about God." She got this frustrated look on her face and tossed the flyer beside her cash register.

I wanted to say "You may not want to know God, but He knows you!"

I also wanted to say that I would be praying for her, but I just turned and walked away.

But I will be praying for her. I am also going to be praying that she will not be able to get the conference or that little flyer off her mind. And I am praying that God will draw her to the conference.

I left there and went to the rec center to sign my son up for football. As I was getting back in my car to leave, a man approached my car.

I rolled down the window (other people were around) and he asked me what this Real Me Conference was about. I began to tell him. He seemed interested and then he began to tell me about his girlfriend. He said she spends way too much time drinking and doing drugs. He is worried about her and proceeded to ask me what he should do to help her.

Silently I was praying or more like pleading with God for some sort of an answer to give me. I shared a few things with him but said that God was the only one that could really change her. He told me all the people he had talked with about his situation. It broke my heart. I handed him a flyer and told him to give it to her. I promised that I would pray for her and pray that God would draw her to the conference.

As I drove away, it hit me like a ton of bricks how desperately we need God in our lives.

There are no substitutes, none! Oh, we try everything to fill the God sized void that we all have in our lives but nothing works.

If only we could see our need and run to the only One who can meet it!

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