Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hair Balls

On Friday I called my hair stylist and left a message that said "I hate my hair, I can't do anything with it, it is not you because you did what I asked you to do, but I hate it. I am at your mercy...I think I am going to cut it off. Please call me...I am at your mercy..."

She left me a message telling me when I could come in and guess what happened...

My hair took a turn for the better. It actually started looking better and I began to think that I just might like it. So guess who had to call back and leave another message stating that now I like my hair and no I am not crazy.

Long story short, I did not cut my hair off and I am very thankful for that. And I like my hair now. My mom says that once you get your hair cut it goes in shock and you have to give it a few days to recover. I guess she is right and mine just needed a few extra days to work out it's shock!

Well, guess what I brought home last night...a kitten!


Clearly I wasn't thinking. I blame my recent hair struggle for my lack of brain power last night. I fell prey to it's cuteness. It's cuteness did not win over my husband. He has not had any recent hair struggles so he was thinking alittle more clearly.

So if you are in the market of a cute kitten, I know where you can find one. Did I mention that he/she (who knows) is cute!

Have a great day!

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