Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Have Made A Decision

Well, the decision is in regarding my hair and pretty much I hate it. You see my heart is tender towards the flip. I love it. I have longed for sometime now for my former hairstyle complete with the flip. However, I also enjoy the straight look that I can now achieve thanks to my flat iron. (I have naturally curly hair) So, this new hairstyle I designed combined both of my loves.

Here is the problem...I can't have both. Once I straighten my hair then it does not want to flip. Yes, I have even curled the ends with a curling iron but they won't stay. If I leave my ends more natural and let the curl come through, then my top is not straight. It also grows wider with the Georgia humidity which is not a good thing. According to the style masters, round faces should not have wide hair at the widest part of their face because it makes the face appear rounder.

So right now I am just praying for fast hair growth!

Moving on to another topic...Have you ever felt like you were not going to survive this parenting thing?

Well, that pretty much sums up my week thus far. Eight is a tough age complete with attitude. I am not really a fan of attitude and it has really gotten to me this week. Also, my daughter has decided that she does not want to go to school anymore. We learned that she cried everyday last week. She doesn't really care that we (her parents) would go to jail if she quit school in the first grade. So it has been tough this week.

My own son even questioned my parenting this week when he said this to me, "What kind of mother would send her child into the gas station alone?!?"

I am not even kidding that he said those exact words to me. Yes, I busted out laughing. I had asked him to go into the gas station and pay for the gas. Obviously, he was appalled! (Now, I need to clarify that this was our neighborhood gas station and we were the only ones there. I could see straight into the store.) I do not want anyone fearing for my children's safety.

So, I am a little glad that today is Friday! Have a great weekend!

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