Thursday, September 4, 2008

Passing The Test

How can a morning go so wrong? Have you ever felt that way?

This past May, I "retired" as an accountant to pursue full time God's calling on my life. My day to day goals have shifted quite drastically. One of my new goals is that my husband always has clean underwear, socks and t-shirts in his drawer.

You may be thinking...and this is a new goal! Well, let's just say that my family was not use to things being put away. Due to our schedules, we mostly lived out of clothes baskets.

So far I have achieved my goal until this morning. First my husband had to go on a hunt for a t-shirt. I was of no help because I overslept (which means everyone overslept) and was in the kitchen slinging lunches together all while encouraging my children to EAT FASTER!

Then came the question that almost made me loose it. "Where are my black socks? I don't have any black socks!" I almost lost it because I knew where the black socks were, they were in the dirty clothes hamper. Well ladies, I am going to be honest with you and tell you what wanted to jump out of my mouth "Oh here, let me pull those black socks out of my secret stash of black socks. I keep them in my pockets just so they will be ready when you need them!" Luckily it did not come out!

I yelled back that all that was clean was in the basket in the laundry room. And as I said those words I felt like such a disappointment. Why didn't I remember to throw the black socks in the laundry yesterday and why didn't I remember to wash a load of whites. It wasn't like I spent my day laying on the couch eating bon bons.

After everyone left miraculously clothed and with lunches in hand, I sat wondering how a morning like this can be prevented. Did it happen because I was too prepared, after all I had laid the kids clothes out on the ironing board. Did it happen to teach me to do laundry more often, maybe, but I doubt it.

I think it happened sort of as a test for me. You see I have been reading in the Bible about being meek, pure in heart, merciful and a peacemaker. Boy were those put to the test this morning! I have been asking the Lord to let His Word penetrate my heart and over flow into my life.

Did I pass the test? Well, I wouldn't give myself an A, but I don't think I failed it either. I think I just need to keep studying!

What about you? Are you ready for your next test? The only way I know to get ready is to study God's Word and stay in touch with the Teacher!

Blessings to you today!

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Mama Hen said...

I cannot even tell you how many times my husband has called "Do I have a clean t-shirt?' and I have had to go scrambling to find one. Oh, well, I'm pretty good about getting supper every night so maybe that will cancel the mornings out.