Monday, September 29, 2008

Feasting On Leftovers

Where have I been and why have I had little to nothing to say over the last couple of weeks? Well, God has given me the answer and it is not writer's block. I have been feasting on leftovers. I have been relying on what God did for me in the past and what He said to me in the past instead of seeking Him for a new word each day.

I feel compelled to share this with you because I don't think I am the only one who faces this. I should know better and yes I should be more disciplined, but I let the busyness and noise around me become a distraction.

I like most other women, start the morning with my feet running and the pace doesn't usually slow down until I am close to collapsing in the evening.

This past week, I was preparing for my Sunday School lesson and it was on obeying the Holy Spirit.

As we discussed in our class yesterday, before you can obey the Holy Spirit you have got to hear the Holy Spirit. And unfortunately, we do not always have our ears tuned in to hear His voice.

So I ask you...are you hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit?

This morning I prayed and asked God to do a work on my ears so that they could hear and recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit. Even in the midst of everything going on around me, I want to still hear His voice and obey what He is telling me to do.

What about you?

Are you feasting on leftovers or did you wake up this morning hungry for a new word from Him?

"But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you." Matt. 6:33

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Van said...

Came over to visit from Micca's blog. I like to think I am feasting on leftovers AND hungrily anticipating heavenly manna.