Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Farewall My Little Black Shoes, Farewell!

Well, I am so sorry for being so quiet this past week. I can honestly say that this is the first time I have ever had to apologize for being quiet! Thank you to MM for posting about her funny morning. It did make me laugh.

I thought I was going to have another post of "Can I Crawl Back in Bed" today. My morning had a glimpse of craziness. If you have read my profile you know that I have a love for necklaces and jewelry, costume of course. Well, I am also very fond of shoes. I have several favorite shoes that I have been wearing this summer and one is my black slip ons. They are so comfortable and cute with a little flower on top.

This morning, I was dressed and walking across my bedroom to take one last look in the mirror before heading out the door. As I walked all the sudden I felt like I stepped in a hole. My first thought was (yes, honestly) "Oh my goodness, we have a hole in out bedroom floor." It never once crossed my mind that the heel of my shoe could have fallen off. I mean, my shoes would never betray me like that, especially not my favorite little black pair.

I am sad to say they did betray me. I turned and looked back, thankful that there wasn't a hole in the floor, and saw the heel of my beloved shoe laying lifeless. I rushed over but there was no hope. I tried aimlessly to put it back on, but with no avail. The shoes must be put to rest. Yes, I am a little sad.

I am thankful that fall is coming and I have a year to replace my beloved shoes. Of course, I have other black shoes (what woman has only one pair of black shoes) but none quite like my little black pair.

Fairwell little black shoes, you and I have traveled many roads together. You will be missed greatly!

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