Monday, September 22, 2008


Well, Happy Monday to you! I hope your day is off to a wonderful start.

I thought I would have a random quick post about blog giveaways. I so love a bargain but a freebie excites me beyond measure. I have been known on more than one occasion to loose all control when my name was called as a winner. Let's just say there might have been some jumping and screaming going on (and sister here can scream).

There are a few blogs that I read pretty much everyday. One of them is She is hilarious and is giving away some music this week and an Oreck vaccuum cleaner. I would recommend that you go over and visit her. But if you win the Oreck you totally have to give it to me. I mean really that would only be fair.

And while I was at Boo Mama's today getting a good laugh, I discovered another blogger with a giveaway. It is for beautiful custom photo fall cards. So here is the link for you to check out Follow her directions for how to win and be sure that you put in the comment that you read about it at my blog. This way when you win I won't have to take your cards because we will both be winners!

So let's have some fun this week and maybe one of us will be a blog giveaway winner! I mean really what could be more fun!

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Christie Todd said...

Thanks for leaving a note on my blog! I really like your picture - You look great!!