Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can I Crawl Back in Bed?

You know it is not going to be a good day...when one of the first things you do in the morning is step in cat throw up and track it all through your house. Yep, that's where I am this morning. It is never good if you have to get out Resolve carpet cleaner before 7:30 am.

So today I need a heaping helping of my Lord because it is very evident to me that I am dangerous on my own.

I thought it would be fun if some of you would share your worst morning stories. You know, it makes us girls feel better when we know we are not in this alone. I am smiling right now because I am remembering a morning my friend told me about and I do hope that she will share it. If not, I may have to share it for her.

So, please post a comment and make us laugh. I could definitely use it today!

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mm said...

i can remember quite a few mornings i have felt like crawling right back into bed! like when the garage never wants to go down on its own or the toilet decides to stop up! one of my most fond mornings though is this...

i wake up late (naturally), get ready in a huge rush only to rip those clothes off because i hate the way they look (anyone relating?), find something i can live with wearing for a day, and rush to my car to be welcomed by my lovely bright gas light. well, on my way to the gas station, i begin to see ANTS crawling EVERYWHERE. now, i am not afraid of them, but i don't like them at all. nor, do i want them crawling on me. just the thought makes my skin crawl. of course i have no napkins in the car, and i literally force myself to start killing them one by one with my hand. yes, i know, disgusting. i get gas, grab some napkins, and clean most of them out. on my way again, here they come again...on my purse now... so i am getting rather ill, and my darling husband calls, i politely tell him it's not a good time to talk to me. well his persistence forced me to let him know exactly what was going on! and then, he encourages me to stop and buy an ant trap because you see those are so easy to come by at 7 in the morning on Hwy 16!! I did make it to work somehow! and haven't seen any ants in a while... thank you Lord!! but i am pretty sure i had a cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake for lunch that day!

thank God for humor!! and for funny friends!!