Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just for Laughs

Food Network is not going to be knocking on my door!

I don't think I am a bad cook, in fact I think I can cook pretty well. However, last night I proved myself wrong. To my defense, I did not have high hopes for my dinner because I was having to work with tough chicken.

Let me take a sidebar here and give you a little advice that I have learned the hard way. In 2008 if boneless, skinless chicken breasts drop below $1.99 a pound there might be something wrong with the chicken. My mother clued me in on a great sale at her local grocery store. They had boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.64 a pound.

So what did we do...well we bought a lot because that is insanely cheap. Well, I cooked my second batch of said chicken last night and it is just plain tough. The reason the chicken was so cheap is probably because they were senior citizen yard birds.

Now back to my dinner. I was making a chicken ring (sounds gross doesn't it) where you shred your chicken and mix in other stuff and then wrap crescent rolls around it to form a ring. As you probably guessed this was a Pampered Chef recipe to be cooked on one of their stones. To go with my chicken ring I cooked beans and Velveeta mac-n-cheese. I told you I did not have high hopes!

We were all sitting at the table and my daughter (the one who promised she wouldn't forget me) immediately told us what she would and wouldn't eat. I am sure you can guess the only item she would eat. And then I started watching my husband. He had taken one bite of the a'la chicken ring and was trying to prepare himself for bite number two. He moved it on his plate several times before having the courage to actually pick it up with the fork. I started to laugh because I couldn't really make myself eat it either.

He did not pick up on what I was laughing about. He ate some beans and then moved back in for bite number three only this time he was really having trouble mustering the courage. He moved it back and forth on his plate. I guess maybe he hoped if his fork danced with the chicken ring it would taste better. Well, I just couldn't contain my laughter any longer.

I said "its disgusting isn't it?"

I added that they didn't have to eat it if they didn't want to. To which my son (who is 7) said "Well thank goodness!"

After church Chick-fil-A came to our rescue and served us some wonderful, tender chicken nuggets!

I think I am going to retire the chicken ring!

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