Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I was on my way home this morning and got behind a small truck with a dog in the back. The large dog was in a wire crate. At the stop light, the dog decided to be brave and stand. When it stood, the wind took hold of it's jaws and formed a huge smile on the dogs face. It was hilarious! The dog decided to sit back down and face my car. I then got the full view of his huge, wind induced smile. What a sight!

You know sometimes my circumstances don't induce a smile on my face. Sometimes I get discouraged, sad and just down. What about you? Did you wake up this morning hearing the blue birds singing or did you wonder if they flew south during the night?

I am so thankful that my circumstances, whether good or bad, do not affect the joy that I have inside of me. Sure, my circumstances can make me feel happy or sad, but my joy comes from Jesus. My joy comes from knowing that I have a Savior who loved me enough to leave His throne in heaven to die for my sins. My joy comes from knowing that He will never leave me or forsake me. My joy comes from knowing that He has a plan and a purpose for my life. And my joy comes from knowing that one day He is coming back for me.

Do you have real joy? When happiness departs, joy remains because it is not based on circumstances. Joy is based on a person and His name is Jesus. Do you know Him? He wants you to know Him. He longs for you! May you experience the joy of knowing Jesus today!


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