Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Forget Me Not

Last night my daughter, who is five, said the cutest thing to me. I was holding her in my lap before bedtime. She had just gotten her bath and was comfy in her pajamas. She smelled so sweet. She put her hand on my face and she said that she loved me. She proceeded to tell me that she was not going to forget me tomorrow.

I said, "Oh great, I'm glad you are not going to forget me tomorrow."

She added, "Every other day I forget you, but tomorrow I am not going to forget you."

I did what every good mother does and I pretended to start crying. I was playing with her and saying how can you forget me. So tenderly she said with her finger pointed in my face, "But tomorrow I said I was not going to forget you."

If she only knew how my heart made me want to eat her alive for being so cute. (Here in the south it is common practice to say that you could eat someone alive for being cute.)

Last night in bed I was retelling this story to my husband and we just laughed at how adorable she is.

I got to thinking this morning that I am a lot like my daughter. There are days when I forget my Heavenly Father. Some mornings I wake up running in fast forward and before I know it the day is over and I have not spent any time with Him.

It is important for my sake and also for my family's sake that I get intentional about spending time with my Father. No matter how my day starts I need to steal away a few minutes to "be still and know that He is God."

Will you declare with me "but today I said I would not forget you God!"


Anonymous said...

How sweet is that!! It really hits home too. How good our Heavenly Father must feel when we declare to not forget Him in our day!! I wonder if it makes Him want to eat us alive!! What lessons we can learn from small, faithful children. I will not forget Him today! Thank you for sharing.

Amy L Brooke said...

Hey. I stopped over from Lysa's. This is a really great story. You tell it so well, but I love, LOVE, the way you tie it in to not forgetting TODAY.

Anonymous said...

How awesome! Chill-bumps Awesome!

I'm so glad I stopped by via your link on Lysa's blog!

Many blessings,

Rena Gunther