Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekend Fun!

This past weekend, the weather was just gorgeous here.

On Saturday we had errands to run and we had to get our little four legged baby her last puppy shot. The day my husband and daughter went to the pet store and found her, he called me numerous times trying to get my approval for another dog. He kept saying that people were gathered around them just waiting for them to put the puppy down. My reply was that all those people were paid actors and that he needed to get out of there. We all know how that ended since I am the new owner of a puppy. But on Saturday we had to go back to the pet store for her last shot and people were all around us. One lady came up to us to ask if we were going to get the puppy. I said "she's ours, we already got her." I guess they weren't paid actors afterall.

I think I am slowly becoming "that person"! Last night I took one of her toys that came apart and wrapped it around her. It looked like she was wearing a tutu. I then chased her around on my knees, all while calling her name in crazy voices, just to get a cute picture of her. I think I need help, but look how cute she is!

Oh Miss Bella Blue you have stollen my heart! (see I told you I am becoming that person)

On Sunday, we enjoyed a great morning at church. And then we came home to enjoy a great afternoon in the sunshine. The kids and I decided to take our big hunk of chocolate for a walk. Drake, our chocolate lab, is now weighing in at 95 lbs and thanks to his new choker collar we can now walk him instead of him dragging us. We walked to the back of our neighborhood and on our way back decided we would venture down a trail in the woods. Some of our neighbors cleared out a path and so we wanted to see where it led. It was so beautiful and peaceful. We walked down the trail and came to a creek. We decided to let Drake get in the creek. I really wish I had my video camera because he was so funny. He first walked around getting a drink and then he decided to lay down in the creek. The look in his eyes said it all. It really was funny. It was also great getting to talk with the kids and have such a relaxing afternoon. I was very mindful of what a gift from God that it was!

I am a huge fan of Sarah Young's devotional Jesus Calling. I love how she wrote it as if Jesus were talking to the reader. God has really spoken to me through it. I have felt on numerous days that I was on Sarah's mind when she wrote it. I was very delighted the other week to see that Sarah Young has written Jesus Calling for Kids. I have been praying and really feeling convicted that I need to help my kids start having a quiet time each day. So we started something new yesterday. While they eat their breakfast I read the devotion to them and the scripture verses and then we pray together before they head out to school.

Can I just tell you how that will change your morning for the better!

Well, this morning apparently I got a little carried away while I was praying with them. When I ended, my daughter had her head down and acted like she was snoring. She said "that was one long prayer!" Kids have a way of keeping it real don't they!

Enjoy your day and shine for Jesus!

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