Monday, February 21, 2011

Laying In Bed Is Overrated!

I started feeling a little weird on Friday. I didn't feel sick. I just didn't feel like myself and I just felt like being mean. By Saturday night, I was curled up in my bed with chills, body aches and fever. I have been in my bed ever since.

Today I ventured to the doctor to learn that I have bronchitis. I am not doubting the doctor, but I feel a whole lot worse than bronchitis. I hurt from my hair to my ankles. I didn't know you could feel like this with bronchitis. Luckily I got some medicine and I am hopeful to wake up feeling better tomorrow.

I have watched so much tv that I am sick of it. I actually just watched House Hunters International and had a couple say that spending $500,000 for 10 weeks ownership in a property sounded like a good deal. And they actually bought it. Oh my!

Hope you have a great week!

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