Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hard Working Lady

On Sunday night, I watched the funniest little girl on television. She was on Toddlers and Tiaras, which airs on TLC. I believe she was around 4 years old. She was a dark haired, big blue eyed little girl with a southern accent that makes me sound like a northerner. I honestly could just sit and listen to her talk. She said things like she was a middle aged woman which made her just hilarious.

She was a talented little girl because she could be headed straight for a meltdown and then just like you flipped a switch, she could turn on the pageant charm. It really was a talent. Well, they took her for her glam shots. They got her all dolled up and then she declares, "Oh Mama I can't. I just can't Mama!" Then mama whispers something to her and the beauty queen charm is displayed.

Well, pageant day arrives and it is full of drama. The mama regretably pinches the little darlin while trying to zip up her dress. You guessed it, full meltdown ensues. The little darlin starts demanding, "I want my Ni Ni! Where's my Ni Ni! I need my Ni Ni!" The Ni Ni is her pacie that her mama has tried taking from her but she is beyond dependent on it. Her mama gives in and gives her the Ni Ni. Then they kinda interview the little girl and I am guessing they asked her if she liked her Ni Ni or pageants more. She begins to explain that she loves her Ni Ni and she loves pageants but she really did like pageants more.

And then that little darlin said these words..."I love my Ni Ni! She's a hard workin lady!"

I laughed and laughed. The fact that she referred to her pacie as a hard workin lady is just too much. Oh I love it!

Speaking of a hard workin lady... I got me a new little carpet cleaner. Now that may not sound exciting to you but I love it! It is the Bissell Little Green. It has a little wand that you use to clean spots. Last night I tried it out and could see how I could easily become addicted. I am cleaning carpet like a hard workin lady!

Hope you have a great day!

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