Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exploring the Wild Blue Yonder!

We had the best day today!

The weather this week has been amazing. Very sunny and warm with bright blue skies. We decided today that we wanted to do something outside so we could enjoy the weather.

We packed a picnic lunch, picked up our friend's four children and headed to the park. This is not your typical park with just a kid's playset. This park has nature trails complete with waterfalls and it has a nature center. We started by eating our lunch and letting the kids play on the playground.

Next we headed to the nature center. It was complete with owls, snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles and did I mention snakes. Oh and I almost forgot there was a small alligator that's enclosure did not have a top on it. I was not completely convinced that he couldn't climb up and bite us. The funniest thing happened when we were looking at the exhibits. Our friend's son was looking a this giant albino iguana in it's plexiglass case and then all of the sudden the iguana jumps at him and hits its face on the glass. Luke jumped back and hollered. We all laughed and to be honest I thought maybe he provoked the poor reptile. So my son and I go and look at the iguana. And then the next thing you know it jumps at us and bangs its face on the glass. I screamed and my son hit the floor. It really was hiliarious!

After I collected myself, I read the sign on his case that said he did not like being inside and to please respect his privacy. I think there needs to be another warning on the glass...Be sure to visit the bathroom first before viewing the albino iguana!

We finished looking around the nature center and then we headed to the trails. We got to the creek and had fun trying to cross it without slipping on the rocks. There are trails on both sides of the creek. We walked for what seemed like forever. The scenary was just beautiful. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful the land is in this area. The kids had fun crossing the creek on nature's balance beam, a tree that had fallen across the creek. My husband had to help a couple of them across it. I decided not to brave the balance beam for fear of ending up in the creek below.

The boys decided that they needed to take a swim. They stripped down to their underwear and splashed around in the creek. I don't know how they stood it, but they squeeled and hollered like they were having the time of their life.

Now would be a great place to insert all the great pictures that I took. The only problem is that I forgot my camera!

I told my husband that we definitely have to go back so I can get some pictures. We had such a fun day enjoying the beauty of God's creation minus the distractions of tv, video games and cell phones. It really was a special day!

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