Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a big weekend of celebrations. I can not even begin to comprehend that my baby girl is 8 years old. I am not even kidding when I say that just yesterday she was my chubby cheeked baby and now she is considered a tween. You know she has just entered the stage before teen. I should go ahead and ask you to pray for her daddy!

She had a big celebration with her friends. We enjoyed having seven squeeling little girls for a sleepover. They busted a pinata, played air hockey, sang and danced the night away. There favorite game is one we made up called musical sleeping bags. You play it like musical chairs only there are no chairs only folded sleeping bags on the floor. When the music stops, the girl not sitting on a sleeping bag is out. It was loads of fun!

A couple of years ago I bought a Pure NRG cd for the kids and can I tell you how glad I was to have it this past weekend. This is a Christian singing group which consists of two girls and one boy. They are pre-teen age and have a great sound. I was just thrilled that all the girls were dancing around and starting to sing Christian music.

Here lately, I have been so aware of the war that is raging against our little girls. If you are a mom of a daughter let me assure you that it is a war. It seems that everything in our culture is sexual in nature. Just the other day I saw the commercial for Orkin Pest Control and the roach in their commercial is talking in a deep, sexy voice saying "What if I came back to your place..." I can not believe that even pest control commercials with roaches in them are having a sexual tone. It is a war and it is time for us mamas to gear up for the battle. I will fight, fight, fight for the innocence and purity of my little girl. Eight year olds don't need to be thinking about kissing boys. They don't need to hear about boyfriend and girlfriend feelings in songs. Now if someone will give me their hand, I will step down off my soap box!

Also over the weekend, we were back at the baseball field. I was so excited. My son started playing baseball when he was four years old. And then a couple of years ago he said he didn't want to play anymore. This year out of the blue, he asked if he could sign up and play again. I was so excited because I love watching him play.

He and my hubby are warming up before the game. He played an awesome game. He was two for two and he caught the whole game. He made an awesome play throwing a guys out at second. Their team lost by one run but we all enjoyed a beautiful day at the ballpark.

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