Sunday, February 15, 2009

If Lovin Chocolate is Wrong Then I Don't Want To Be Right!

Lovin chocolate has been my motto for about the past week or so and I think I have probably over done it! I started the week by being my own valentine and treating myself to a bag of M&M's with almonds. The bag may or may not have had the words MEGA written on it. My thoughts were that the nutritional value of the almonds totally make the chocolate part okay. And the more almonds the better hence the necessity for the word MEGA.

Oh, I am so weak when it comes to chocolate. It is my love language. Add some carmel or peanut butter to it and my heart skips a beat.

Well, enough about me and chocolate. We had a lot of fun celebrating our luv for one another this year. On Friday night there was the Daddy/Daughter date night that my sweet little 5 almost 6 year old dreamed about all week. She woke up on Friday morning eager to pick out her clothes for her "date" night before heading to school. Earlier in the week, my husband had asked for my help in finding something really special for him to give our daughter. I thought a ring would be nice. So I was at Walmart and saw a cute little ring with a small diamond in it.

I use the word diamond loosely. It was probably more like a diamel. It was so small that a microscope would have been needed to identify it. But I reasoned she is 5 and since it only cost $28 we would not pass out if she lost it. And I mean really, how sweet it is that your first "real" ring comes from your Daddy.

I am 35 and still very much a Daddy's girl. So I got misty eyed over the sentiment.

Well, not knowing her size I opted for a 1 since she is a little petite thing. My husband was concerned that the moment would be ruined if it did not fit. So how could we know if it fit without her knowing about the ring.

So, I came up with a brilliant idea. I would wait until she was asleep, then I would go in and try the ring on her finger. I tip toed into her room, pulled her hand out from under the covers and slipped the ring on her finger.

I smiled and thought to myself "man, you are so smart." Then I gently pull to slide the ring off, only the ring does not budge. I try again and nothing. I wanted to panic because what was a brilliant plan has gone really wrong.


By this time my daughter is moving her hand and starting to make whinning noises. So I start to pull again. My daughter begins to cry and I try to calmly say "shhh, go to sleep." Finally after much pulling and much crying the ring comes off.

Who came up with this idea anyway?

Well, guess what? The next morning she did not mention one single word about it. Apparently she is multi talented and can cry from having her finger pulled off with out ever waking up. What talent!

So, I ended up returning the ring and my husband found her one all on his own. He got her a silver ring with her birthstone in the shape of a heart.

Before going on their date he gave her his present. The store had wrapped it for him and put it in a really pretty bag complete with a stuffed teddy bear fairy. She was so excited.

She ripped open the package and pulled out the ring box. She was even more excited. I was getting misty eyed all over again. What a moment!

She opened the box and says "I have always wanted one of these...!"

My husband smiled with pride and then she finished her sentence "I have always wanted one of these boxes!"

Oh yes, she was way more thrilled with the little box than the ring. Isn't that how it always goes!

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Anonymous said...

Aaawww! What a sweet story! I almost cried. Remember all of those moments!! God is so good! Speaking of good, so is chocolate!!! I could not agree with you more. Since my little fella can't eat real food yet, guess who got to enjoy all the Valentine candy from the grandparents?? Me, of course! Keep sharing your stories and thoughts. They are touching and inspiring!