Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Did Survive!

I have the song playing in my head, "I will survive" only I changed the lyrics to "I did survive". I give all praise and thanks to God because it was not nearly as bad as I envisioned it to be. If you are just tuning in, my daughter had a tonsillectomy last Friday. I had prayed that it would be very uneventful for her and I praise my Heavenly Father for answering my prayer!

Here are a few things that I learned this week:
  1. A tonsillectomy can change your voice. Don't ask me the medical indications of this, but just trust me that it can happen. I miss my daughter's normal voice because what replaced it is very high and squeaky.
  2. I need more PATIENCE! I learned this by early Saturday morning after I had fixed every soft item I knew how to concoct. The problem was everything was yucky!
  3. Eating a MEGA bag of Almond M&Ms is actually helpful because you need extra energy to get up and down oh at least 100 times per hour.
  4. The Doctor calls my daughter secretly because she had some Doctor's orders of her own!
  5. There is nothing sweeter than your daughter some how being soothed just by your presence.
  6. The cuddling on the couch is totally worth the 100 times per hour that I had to get up and down.

I have been very sentimental this week. I guess because I was needed so much it reminded me of the "baby years". My baby will be six in just a couple of weeks and oh Mr. Time I do wish you would slow down! I know it is hard to enjoy the getting up during the night, bottles, crying and diaper changing but they do pass by so quickly. Unless of course you are going through it right now and you think you will never be able to bathe or go to the bathroom by yourself again. You will and all too soon you will be looking back and wishing you could hug and cuddle them one last time.

My son, who is eight, and I were having a conversation this week on the way home from school. He informed me that one day, when he got rich, he would be moving to San Diego, or maybe Dallas, or maybe Australia, or maybe Europe. He wasn't real sure yet but he thought he might go back home to Texas after all that is where he was born. My mind started to wander off to thoughts of what he might be one day. And then I thought "God, what if his desire to travel is really a passion that you have given him because one day he will be a missionary." Playing in the background was the song Yours by Steven Curtis Chapman which I just love. And it hit me that Max and Amelia aren't really mine to keep forever. They are God's and He was gracious enough to let me be a part of their lives. I got a little misty eyed as I drove home. And a lot convicted that I have got to make these next 10 years really count because all too soon I will be waving goodbye as they head off to college.

Heavenly Father - Thank you for the priviledge of motherhood. Nothing in my life has changed me more or made me realize my need for you more. There are many days that I wonder what I am doing and I thank you for your grace that sees me through those days. Lord, please help me to be the mother that you designed me to be. Please help me be the mother that my two children need me to be. I praise you and thank you for the blessing of my children. ~Amen.

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