Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last Dance

Well, turns out that dance I did with Hoover is not going to be my last one after all. I am sad to tell you that I did not win the Oreck vacuum.

You see I have this problem and I was really hoping that the Oreck would solve it for me. My problem is that I really do not like to clean my house. To just be blunt about it, I pretty much hate it. Somehow I think if I buy the latest cleaning product then I will somehow love the results it gives and fall madly in love with cleaning. It has not happened yet!

I have bought some wonderful looking sponges with handles that fit just so in the palm of your hand. Oh, they promised that with just one wipe soap scum would vanish but believe me it took more than one wipe or even two.

So, my hopes of dancing with a new vacuum cleaner will just have to wait. And I will wake up tomorrow still hating to clean my house.

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Leebird said...

Let me comfort you in the fact that I spent the big bucks and bought an Oreck and I didn't like it very much. It's very overrated.

I got a Dyson Animal though...and it works really well (when I use it). I, too, hate to clean house...I'd rather dig a ditch than clean house...I don't know why. I like the results of cleaning. I feel better about life in general when my house is clean, but still....I avoid cleaning like the plague!