Friday, October 10, 2008

16 Years...But Who's Counting!

Well, the plague visited our house this week. Luckily I was the care giver and not the victim. My daughter has been sick and out of school all week which did not allow me much time to post any of my many thoughts. To be honest, this week I didn't get much sleep so my thoughts were a little lacking.

Today is a very special day for me. You see 16 years ago today I said "I Do" to the man of my dreams. I met him (and fell in love) when I was 13 years old. It wasn't too long after we met that I announced to my best friend that "one day I was going to marry him." And 16 years ago today at 7:30 pm I did just that!

A few years ago we decided that we were not going to do the gift thing for our anniversary but we would try to go somewhere to celebrate. Last year we went to Florida, but it wasn't extremely romantic because our two children accompanied us. We had planned to leave them behind with grandparents, but then my son informed us that he had not seen the ocean all year. Apparently, he has to see the ocean at least once a year. Who knew! I can't really blame him because I really like to see and hear it myself. So we had to take them because we could not have enjoyed ourselves on the beach knowing we had deprived our son from seeing the ocean.

So this year my in-laws gifted us an overnight stay at Chateau Elan. It is a fancy place with a spa. And I actually talked my husband into getting a couples massage instead of playing a round of golf. Had he had a friend to play with, he would have bailed on the spa experience. Lets just say he is not the spa/massage type.

Apparently, it is best to not mention that you have had a crick in your neck and shoulder when asked of any problems. Mr. Magic Touch felt the need to rid me of all my knots and almost crippled me in the process. And while I am pretty much complaining let me just add that I did not really enjoy the greasy, oily hands rubbing my head. I left there looking like I snuck out of Ripley's Believe It or Not. I was the freaky woman with excessive oily hair. So needless to say the whole experience was a little lacking.

Oh and I forgot to add that while we were walking to the spa I stopped because I thought I had a piece of mulch in my shoe. I removed my sandal to find that it was not a piece of mulch but rather a very angry yellow jacket with it's rear end stuck in my foot. "Good Times!"

We later laughed about our experience. Which happens to be my most favorite part of my relationship with my husband. He makes me laugh...usually at least once a day. I love his sense of humor and I truly think he is funny.

Our marriage has not been easy over the last 16 years. We have endured our share of challenges ranging from financial to infertility. But God has been so good to us! He has always provided for us and He has grown us so much.

I can honestly say today that I love my husband more than I did 16 years ago. He is not only the man of my dreams, but he is the man of my every day life. I thank God for him and for our marriage.

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