Sunday, November 6, 2011

We're Home!

We arrived back in Atlanta Saturday at around 3:00. When our plane touched down, we all started clapping. Our trip through customs was very uneventful which we were very thankful about. And out of all of our luggage and tubs, our whole team was only missing two things. They were still back in Africa.

After my last post, we were without Internet. It is very common in Africa for the power to go out. Arise Africa, where we were staying, had a generator but if the power was out there was no Internet. In fact, I only remember having one hot shower while I was in Africa. The rest were ice cold due to the power being out. But again, once you've seen the things we had seen, a cold shower was nothing to complain about.

Anyway, I wanted to pick up and take you through the rest of our week. My last post contained pictures from Tuesday, so I want to pick up with Wednesday. On this day, we went to Tal-laga Church and School. This Church and School is sponsored by Tal-lage Baptist Church here in Georgia. The church raised money and built the building on the left in the picture below. The Preacher's wife and another church member from this church were on our team. They brought money from the church to buy a cow for the school.

These girls danced for us and they were wonderful. They were the only school that had skirts like this. You can't really tell in the picture, but they also had some type of animal skin tied around their waist.
This is a typical sight...children taking care of children. We usually saw them tied to their backs.

This is inside the girl's dorm. There were one set of bunk beds. Each bed had at least two children in it and then others would sleep on the floor.

This is where the teachers sleep. There were no mattresses, just mats on the floor with their clothes piled on top. The floor was dirt. Cliff and I walked down this dirt road for 20 minutes to deliver posho and sugar to a family.
This is the woman we delivered the food to. She is a grandmother. Her daughter and grand-daughter live with her. The only thing they have to eat is potatoes. Potatoes for breakfast, potatoes for lunch and potatoes for dinner. She was very thrilled to get the posho and sugar.

While the living conditions for most of the people are horrible, the scenary around them is beautiful. Everything is very green with a backdrop of mountains. Africa is a beautiful country!

I will post more later!

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