Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday in Africa

This time last week, I woke up to this. Isn't it breathtaking! This is the view from Royal School and Orphanage. The school sits a top a mountain and it had been described to us a piece of heaven.

The ugliness of poverty can not fade the beauty of God's creation. God really showed out when He created Africa. Every where we looked shouted of the greatness of God!

Every morning the students line up for Morning Glory. They sang a little and then the older students were dismissed for worship. The boys wear blue shirts and the girls wear red. Cliff said he sure wished someone had told him that bit of info while he was there. (Ha!)

The boys were great on the drums!

And these girls did an amazing job leading us in worship!

And this is the 2012 choir that will be touring in the U.S. beginning in January. I'm not sure if they are coming to our area this year, but I would encourage you to go check the Pennies for Posho website to get their schedule. They sang several songs for us and they were great. I can't wait for them to get here.

At the bottom of the hill before you get to Royal sits another orphanage called Morning Star. They are really struggling and several of our team members went for a visit. Our team also took them posho and sugar. The bare bottom you see above is a very common site. In fact, it is rare if you see a baby or toddler with underwear. I held many a baby with a naked bottom and was never once wet on. Others on our team were not so lucky. Some mothers had scarves that they wrapped around the baby's bottom when they handed it to you to hold.

This is a picture of the boys dorm. They have at least three children sleeping in each bed. The conditions were pitiful...

...but when these children opened their mouths to praise God, you knew you were in the presense of hearts that knew the meaning of worship. The sound was more than a sweet melody, it was angelic!

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