Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Day In The Bush

Today we rode for three hours into the bush to arrive at this school. We can not even explain to you the condition of the rodes here. We travel in a bus which you can see in the picture below. We were on a dirt road for several miles and then Moses, the Pastor that travels with us, tells the driver to turn left. I am not kidding you when I say that it was a path in the woods. Amazingly the bus driver got us to the village. You can see the school in the picture above. It is the structure with the grass roofs.

Here is Cliff playing frisbee with some of the village children. They will repeat everything you say. You can say get in a line and they will repeat it perfectly. We got them to say "bye y'all" today which was hillarious in their heavy accents. It is truly amazing how fast they catch on. They learned to throw the frisbee in no time.
Oh yes, you now need to refer to Cliff as Preacher Cliff. This is him delivering a word to the people with his interpreter Sarah. Pastor Ted as a joke said "and now Cliff Wilson from Newnan would like to share a word with you." The villagers all starting clapping and Cliff got up and spoke. He did great!
These are some of the women in the village. I love to take their picture and then show them. They just laugh!
Sweet, precious children!

This is sweet precious Brenda's hand that I held yesterday. I would have brought her home in a second.

Today we had a great day! We were so deep in the bush and it was gorgeous. Cliff and I keep saying to each other "Can you believe where we are!" Only God, Only God! No matter where we go the children are always amazing and loving. They are amazed at us white people. It is hilarious how they want to touch us and when they do they just giggle. We go to another orphanage tomorrow. It never gets easier to see but the love of Jesus gets us strength to go.

Thank you all for the comments. They are very encouraging to us. Keep praying for us. We love y'all!

M and A - we love and miss you so much!!!

Cliff and Laurie


Malissa said...

We knew Cliff would be preaching! Love the pictures. The one of your hand and Brenda's is so sweet. I can't believe you get to meet Katie! THat is AWESOME! I hope that went well today. Have fun on your leisure day tomorrow! Praying for y'all. Love you.

Steve White said...

Cliff and Laurie,

Continuing to pray for you guys, it really excites me to see these pictures, I and so proud of you guys as I know God has you right where HE wants you...... Love from all of us.......

Ami said...

Thank you for keeping us updated on your amazing trip! I am so humbled by your pictures. I loved the one of you holding Brendas hand. It is precious. So proud of you! Will continue to pray for you!