Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy Weekend!

We have had a super busy weekend. We had a yard sale this weekend to try to offset some of our expenses for our trip to Africa.

I spent the end of last week cleaning out and gathering stuff for the yard sale. In the process, I cleaned and organized our bonus room which is the kids playroom. I also had lots to do in my daughter's room. Let's just say that she has a hard time parting with items.

I took my camera to snap a few pictures at the yard sale, but we were so busy I did not get the chance. We opened the garage at 7:00 am and someone was already waiting. We weren't planning on opening up for business until 7:30, but our first customer just couldn't wait. It drove me a little crazy, but they did buy a lot of stuff.

God blessed us tremendously! We had picked an amount that we were hoping to make and God blessed us by far exceeding what we had dreamed up. We are so thankful and give Him all the glory for providing everything we need!

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