Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Hands of Time

The craziest thing has happened to me...

I woke up yesterday morning the mother of a 4th Grader and a 2nd Grader! Where has the time gone? If I stay in that thought process for too long the tears will come because I know day before yesterday I was knee deep in diapers and wondering if I would ever get to go to the bathroom by myself again.

I can't remember if I shared this already, but several months ago I was going through some things in the attic and discovered a box of my sons clothes. They were clothes from his first spring and summer. I started pulling outfits out of the box and the memories started flowing. The next thing I know I am smelling the clothes and in the midst of the "ugly" cry. Oh yes I was! I do not know how, but even after being washed and stored in the attic for years, they still smelled like him.

I remembered holding him in my arms and cuddling with him. My arms had ached for a baby for years and in God's perfect timing He delivered our son to us. He was the perfect fit for those aching arms.

Let me encourage you today by telling you that if you are waiting on God for something, His timing is perfect!

His timing is rarely like mine, but He is always right on time.

Since I was sharing about my son as a baby, do you know that my husband's desire was to become a dad by the time he was thirty.

Guess what day it was when we met and picked up our son?

If you guessed my husband's thirtieth birthday, then you are correct. Our God is a God of details and let me tell you from experience not one gets by Him unnoticed.

Take heart today knowing that He knows all the desires and dreams of your heart and He also know what is best for your heart. And that is exactly what He wants for you!

Praise Him today because He is always good!

He is always on time!

And He loves you more than you could ever imagine!

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