Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let Me Introduce Myself...

I guess I decided that I would take a little vacation from my blog. It really wasn't something I sat down and put a lot of thought into. We have just been really busy this summer and before I knew it a month had passed since my last post. I am glad to be back.

This summer, we took a trip to Panama City Beach, Florida. I have been going to PCB since I was a child, but this summer I experienced Shell Island for the very first time. It was amazing!

It was our last day of vacation and we really wanted to do something fun but didn't feel like staying at the pool or beach. I had read about Shell Island in a brochure we got, so we all decided to go and check it out. As you gathered from the name, it is an island. (Ha!) We set out to take the ferry but first made a quick stop at Chick-fil-A. My family, including myself, can only go a few days without nuggets and sweet tea. I did something I have never done before. I ate at Chick-fil-A in my bathing suit and cover-up with wild curly hair and little make-up. God bless the people at the Panama City Chick-fil-A! They will probably never be the same! Oh, I kid!
Anyway, we leave Chick-fil-A and start driving around in hopes of finding the ferry. Lucky us...we forgot to bring the brochure so we really had no idea where we were going. Our friends, Brent and Malissa and sweet Parker were with us. We get down to the port, if that is even what you call it, and start looking for signs to Shell Island. We all decided that we valued our lives too much to ride on one of their boats, plus they acted like "ferry to Shell Island" was foreign to them. We continue driving around forever.

It was very typical. The men didn't want to pull over for directions and we women kept telling them to stop and get directions. Finally we pull into a hotel and they give us typed out directions to the ferry to Shell Island. Let me just say, we never would have found it!
You get on the ferry at the State Park, only to our great surprise the ferry boats aren't running that day. So, after much debate we decide to rent our own boat and drive to Shell Island. I trust my man and he has boating experience, but there was one point when the boat started taking on water that we were clinging to Jesus and praying for Him to deliver us from our stupidity. The water is very, very, VERY rough where the Gulf and the bay meet. But we finally made it to the island and it was so worth it.

We entered and threw out the anchor on the bay side. It was very beautiful. The island is uninhabited and was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. We got off the boat and headed for shore in search of shells. We found a hermit crab and a clam. Me and the kids decided to go explore the gulf side of the island. When we saw it, it literally took my breath. The water was crystal blue and gorgeous. We started walking and could not believe the shells we were finding. I don't know who was more excited, me or the kids. We were finding shells that you normally have to buy. It was so much fun!

Isn't that just beautiful!

At one point, I walked ahead while my family was busy finding sand dollars. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of what I was seeing. I was overwhelmed by how amazing my God is and by His goodness. I was reminded that every good and perfect gift is from above and knew that God was definitely giving me a gift that day. As I stood with the waves turning at my ankles, all I could say to Him was "You are so good, You are so good!" I literally stood soaking in every minute of it. It will go down in my memory bank as one of the best days ever.

Look who is thrilled that Mom is asking for another picture!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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