Thursday, June 3, 2010

Schedules and Other Ugly Words

Several months ago Kelly at Kelly's Korner did a post on Show Us Your Life - Cleaning Tips. If you have visited my blog for any length of time, you know that I hate cleaning. I decided to read several of the links people gave with all their tips. The one common tip that kept coming up was a cleaning schedule. My mother use to clean house once a week. Now, she kept things picked up everyday but as far as vaccumming, dusting and cleaning bathrooms that was a once a week job. So, I took on the same schedule as my mom when I became a big girl and got my own house. Here is the more people have been added to my house the mess has gotten bigger. In my newlywed days, I could clean the whole house in about an hour because it wasn't very big and we weren't very messy.

Sidenote...After we were married for a year, we moved to Texas for Cliff to go to a Bible college. Our apartment was so tiny that I could vaccum the whole thing from one plug. Too funny!

Anyway, as I was saying now that there are four people in our family with two of them being children I can't clean the house in an hour. It takes me practically all day and then I'll just be honest and tell you that I don't have a really great attitude when it is all done. And don't you even think about messing something up after I have cleaned all day...Do you see the problem?

So from the reading on all the cleaning tips I want to implement a cleaning schedule. Basically you clean something in your house everyday and your house always looks clean. Here is an example, one lady cleans her bathrooms every Monday. She also washes all the bathmats on Monday because they are included in the bathroom. Tuesday might be floor day and vaccums, sweeps and mops on this day. Some included laundry in their schedules but I can't do laundry only once a week. My family would not be happy with me.

I have been trying to implement a schedule for weeks now. Do you know what my problem is? Well I previously cleaned my house on Fridays. So when I want to start my cleaning schedule on Monday, well the bathrooms still look clean. And who wants to clean something you just cleaned. So then I wait and say I will start my schedule next week. Well come the end of the week the whole house is so messy and needs cleaning that I clean everything. And do you see the crazy cycle? Monday rolls around and nothing needs cleaning.

It really wears me out but in the end I think a cleaning schedule will make my life easier. Especially this summer when I don't really feel like doing anything but laying in the pool.

So do you have a cleaning schedule or do you clean once a week? I would love to hear your comments.

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Malissa said...

I am trying the whole clean something everyday thing right now. I don't really have specific days for jobs, but I am trying to at least do something everyday. I am also trying to not fret about toys laying around all of the time. I figure if it's all at least clean, what's the big deal. The daily thing really does make things easier. Until you go out of town, come home, and can't get back into that routine again!! I say just go lay in the pool!