Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's A Comin...

I have to tell you what I did today because I am very proud of myself. I went outside and trimmed my rose bushes. My mama is gonna be so proud of me. She told me on Sunday that it was time. When I talked to her on Monday she just casually mentioned that she had trimmed her's that day. I knew she wanted to say "Girl, go trim your rose bushes!" but my mama wouldn't do that. So I can't wait to call her and brag!

I noticed as I was trimming my bushes that I had no idea what I was doing. I really had no idea how much I should trim, so I just started cuttin. I stopped when I thought it looked pretty. I mean isn't that why we go get a haircut. My rose bushes are no different...they want to look pretty. Here's hoping that I didn't stunt their growth! I'll keep you posted...

We had a beautiful weekend with lots of sunshine. I loved every minute of it. And here is something to shout about...my dog is permanently outside. Honestly, I hear the hallelujah chorus in my mind as I type this. We got an invisible fence installed last week and we love it. Except for the fact that our dog really doesn't mind being shocked. They have had to come out twice to "turn up the juice". Today the man came out for a second time and he said we have a stubborn, hard headed dog. All I could say was "well, at least he's cute." Don't you agree?

All this beautiful sunshine has made me so ready for spring! I can not wait to pull out the flip flops and put these socks away! I am busy this week preparing for my daughter's sleep over party this weekend. She is turning 7 on Friday and she is pretty much beside herself. I made big tissue paper flowers today to decorate with. Do you know what I love about having a daughter...she gets so excited over pretty decorative things. I am not trying to generalize genders here, but in my family my husband and son could care less about these things.
The other day I picked up some curtains for my living room. I really invested heavily in them...they each cost $3.74. And they look really good on top of that. I tucked them into my blinds just so I could see if I liked them. My daughter came in from school and the first thing she said was "Oh mama they are beautiful!" I didn't even know what she was talking about until I saw her gazing at the windows in the living room. I just smiled and thought to myself about all the fun we have in store.
I'll post some pictures one I get my decorations complete.
Have a great day!

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carolinapeach said...

I'm so ready to wear my flip flops and sandals!!! He really makes me want a chocolate lab... love him!!! Can't wait to see pics of the curtains.