Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Every month my church has a night out for the ladies called Soup-n-Salad. We eat, talk and are challenged by the Word of God. Last night was our monthly meeting and it was right on time for me.

My day yesterday started out really good but by 5:00 it was tettering on "Mama's gonna loose it!" I had things going on the stove, the kids homework needed to be done and don't forget my four legged baby that constantly has to be watched. Around 5:30 my husband comes home from work and instead of being greeted with a sweet hello, I threw all my frustation at him. I know secretly he was probably wishing he had not opened the door and I felt really guilty.

My family was probably as ready for me to get out of the house as I was to go to Soup-n-Salad. I headed out the door feeling like I was the worst wife, homemaker and mother. But do you know what I quickly learned when I got around all the other women?

I found that I was not alone. As conversations started and progressed I quickly realized that they shared many of my same struggles and that made me feel good. Then, for the few of us that lingered probably way too long (I did not get home until after midnight)...well, let's just say that we might not have solved all the world's problems but we sure did solve a lot of mine.

I left thankful for the girlfriends that I have in my life. Thankful that they are not afraid to speak truth to me. They are not afraid to tell me that I am boarding on Crazyville and need to come on back home.

The reality is that God created us for friendships. You can see this through several passages in the Bible. I immediately think of Mary and Elizabeth. Remember when the angel appeared to Mary and announced that she was going to be the mother of the Messiah. Remember that included in the message was the fact that Elizabeth was also expecting. Why was this included in the message? Why was this important?

It is important because our Creator knows that we need girlfriends. He designed us that way.

So, do you have girlfriends in your life?

Do you have someone who can bring you back from Crazyville?

And do you have those that you help tote back from Crazyville?

I encourage you to invest in the lives of the women around you. Be a friend today. Take a few minutes and pick up the phone. Show your girlfriends just how much you love them today!

Have a great day!

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carolinapeach said...

It does help to know you aren't living in Crazyville all alone! Sometimes you wonder!