Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's A New Year

If you have turned on the tv at all since the first then you know that weight loss must be the #1 resolution out there. It is rare for a commercial to come on that is not about weight loss. Oh, but wait, McDonalds is really helping in the resolution department by offering their Double Cheeseburger Combo for only $2.99. I mean it all makes sense!?!

No, it doesn't and that is why "we" have the same resolutions every year. We want things to be different and we try really hard to make them be different. But then failure occurs around week 3 and we fall off the diet band wagon and just lay there on the dusty road.

Do you know what I have learned and it has only taken me midway into my thirties to learn it; I am prone to failure. Yes, left to my own strength and my own devices, I fail more times than I succeed. I need help and that help is not found in the latest diet or hottest exercise gizmo.

"My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth!" Psalms 121:2

Oh, that I would live that way everyday!

I say it and I believe it, but still I try to do things on my own apart from Him. Why? He created you and me to be dependent on Him.

We are at our best when we lay ourselves down and depend solely on Him.

I got to thinking if God sees me as "needing to loose a few pounds". We are told in Samuel that man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. So, do I look sickly to God or really healthy. Because really when God looks at me I want Him to see a heart that is really big. A heart that is full of His Word. A heart that is full of love for Him and my neighbor. A heart that is filled to overflowing with a desire to serve Him.

The sad truth is that I spend way too much time focusing on what man looks at and less time focusing on what God looks at. I have it backwards.

So my desire for my new year is that I have more Jesus. I fell in love with Him when I was eight years old and I want to spend my year falling more in love with my first love.

What about you? What are your resolutions focusing on?

Happy New Year!

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Angela said...

So my desire for my new year is that I have more Jesus.
amen amen amen..
He must increase, I must decrease.
I think for me it will a continuation of 'whatever will bring You glory Lord, whatever!' That my eyes will be focused and turned upon our Lord and Savior, that I 'grow up in Him', (Ephesians 1).
I've been saying lately, "I'm not going around this mountain anymore, I'm either going through it, or I'll chisel my way through it, but I'm NOT going around it again'. I'm DONE!!I've also been saying, especially to the ladies that come to my bible studies on Monday nights, "I'm going to be an encourager, BUT I'm also going to be sharpening". As iron sharpens another, so one man sharpens another.' Proverbs.
It's wonderful to encourage, but I really feel the Lord is calling me to sharpen other's also, in love of course (which of course He has to help me in this department,lol)
God bless, I love your blog layout. It is beautiful So are you, and so is your heart for Jesus.