Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh What A Sunday!

Last night I attended the live taping of Travis Cottrell's new worship CD at First Baptist Woodstock and let me just say that we did some worshipping! I have never experienced anything like it. Travis was amazing and ushered us right into the Throne Room to worship our Lord. His worship team was also amazing and when the choir joined in with them, well it was more than my ears could handle. I thought we were going to Glory Land! As an added bonus Beth Moore was there and well she was just Beth. What more can I say...I just love her. I have done several of her studies and I just love how deep we dive into the Bible.

As if the night could not get any better, I was able to enjoy it with some of my dearest friends and my mom. Here is a picture of me and my friends, Heather and Shannon. Now I would like to give you a piece of really useful info right here...If you are the only one not in all black, don't be the middle girl having to stretch both of your arms out. I am just thankful that I wore a black turtleneck. Truly from this picture you can not appreciate the full cuteness of my $10 jacket. I really hate that for you!

And to top the night off, I was able to meet one of the more famous bloggers on this lovely internet. Yes, I was able to not only meet but also get my picture made with none other than BigMama.
Isn't her jacket just divine! I don't know, but I am just guessing that it cost more than $10. She is just as lovely in person as you imagine her to be from her blog. It was a real pleasure getting to meet her.
So needless to say, I woke up today in a great mood still excited after my wonderful night! It is definitely going down as one of my greatest events in 2009!
Happy Monday!

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alison said...

Ok, I am so jealous. I too love Beth and yes, BigMamas jacket is awesome. It appears that you did enjoy the evening enough for two so thank you, I expected nothing less. always,ams