Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Overwhelmed by God's Abundance!

I have been anxiously waiting to give you an update about our yard sale this past weekend but I first had to finish up some things with work.  Well, first I had to recuperate from the weekend.  On Sunday night, I think my body just melted into the mattress; even my bones were tired.

We had been collecting items for our yardsale for sometime.  I had been storing things in our attic, garage, dining room and in our bedroom.  Plus we had several people generously donate items to us.  Really good stuff, some of which I wanted to keep for myself but I didn't. 

All week I had been trying to price things in the beauty of air conditioning but I only made a dent in it.  On Thursday night we loaded everything up and hauled it over to my in-laws house.  They were so gracious to let us take over their garage and house.  By the time we got everything in there, you really couldn't walk.  It was packed full and we even had to put things behind their house on the porch because they wouldn't fit in the garage. 

Friday started the task of getting everything organized and priced.  My mom, Cliff's mom, Aunt Sandy and myself worked all day pricing items and getting things set up.  The men (father in-law, brother in-law, dad and husband) moved stuff, priced stuff and worked too.  We worked late into the night on Friday but we didn't really mind because our Yard Sale Entertainer was FABULOUS!

I wanted to take lots of pictures and be able to show you how much stuff we had and how organized we were.  But that just did not happen. 

Here is everyone working away.

We finally got home and ready to crawl into bed around 2:00am.  The yard sale was to begin at 7:00 am, so our plan was to be back over at their house at 6:00 am.  It is very foolish to think that you will get up at 5:00 am when your alarm goes off when you are so tired you can barely feel your legs.  So you can imagine our shock when I rolled over and the clock said 6:00!  It is a miracle that I managed to get clothes on and my hair brushed.

When we got to the yard sale site at around 6:40, people were lined up in the driveway waiting for us to open the garage.  My in-laws said their doorbell rang at 6:30!

We jumped out of the car and started pulling stuff out of the garage.  The guys were hurrying to get the big items from behind the house. Thankfully, the people were very patient to let us get everything pulled out before they started grabbing stuff.   It was really crazy from the start which is why I forgot to take pictures.

At one point my mom asked me what time it was and we were shocked that it was only 10:30.  We were both sure that it was at least 2 in the afternoon.  I have never seen so many people at a yard sale! 

We wrapped up the yard sale at around 2 in the afternoon.  We probably sold at least 95% of what we started with and took the remaining items to the Salvation Army.

We were all so exhausted but so very thankful because after counting all the money we knew that we had witnessed a miracle.  The grand total from our yard sale was a little over ....


Who makes that kind of money at a yard sale?  We were all truly in awe and overwhelmed by God! 

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