Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our First Orphanage Visit

Today we went to two orphanages and also made home visits in the nearby village. It was very overwhelming to say the least. The children almost mobbed us as we tried to hand out socks, hats, clothes and toothbrushes. They wanted anything they could get.

We, meaning white people, are very unusual to them. They call us mazoongoo and chant it as we drive in the bus and especially in the villages. For most, we are the first white people they have ever seen. I went with a group to make five home visits. We take them five cups of sugar and five cups of posho. I did not realize when we left that I was the only white person that went. There were others from our team but they were African American. The village children ran out yelling "mazoongoo" "mazoongoo". They were amazed by me. They would run up just to touch my hands. Then when they saw that I wouldn't bite, they grabbed on to every white piece of skin they could. Our translators would tell them to stop but then they would run up just to touch my fingers. I have never experienced anything like it.

I did not feel like a rock star as it may sound. I felt overwhelmed. The sights I was seeing was too much. Children walking around naked with obvious signs of disease. Women probably younger than me weathered and worn by the hard conditions they must live in. Cows, goats and chickens inches away from us. We walked through dirt streets and corn fields to deliver the posho and sugar. We went to the very poor. Their houses were more like caves with no electricity. They cooked on a little fire right outside the doorway. Most did not have doors to keep anything out. To say they appreciated the items is an understatement. We told them that we came in the name of Jesus and they He cared for them. One woman bowed on her knees at our feet. She would not get up off her knees because she was so thankful. That was overwhelming. I fought back the tears because I knew if one trickled out then the flood gate would break and the crying would not stop.

This is only day one. Only by the strength of Jesus will I survive this experience. I am speaking emotionally because we all feel very safe here. Even as we walked through the villages with our translators I never felt scared. (That comment was for our parents :)

I am having trouble loading pictures. I am hoping to use one of our team members computer tomorrow and be able to load some photos. We are taking tons and can't wait to share them with you.

Prayer Request: I want to ask you to pray for me and my stomach. The smells here have gotten to me today. I can't get the smells out of my nose or mind. Even here where we are staying the smell of the food they are preparing for us, which needless to say I can not eat, is making me sick. Please pray specifically that God will strengthen me physically. Thank you so much!

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Steve White said...

praying daily for you the post. HIS strength is greater than all......Lord allow the smell to become like a fragrance of sweet roses....only in His strength....praying for you and Cliff.......Steve

Malissa said...

can't imagine the emotions y'all are going through. we are continuously praying. i have been praying for strength for your stomach too. looking forward to hearing more. GOD IS SO GOOD!