Friday, September 9, 2011

Your Biggest Fan

Yesterday was Grandparents day at my children's school. I am usually not at the school for Grandparents day but because I am on the PTO, I was there to encourage them to spend some of their money.

We are fortunate that both our families are local. So my children always have four grandparents to come and eat with them.

I remember the first year my mother went to the school for Grandparents day. She called me after she left and told me that she didn't know if she was going to be able to continue going to Grandparents day. Of course I asked why, thinking that maybe something horrible happened. You know like my children wrapping themselves around her legs and crying when she left. Thankfully that didn't happen. But she did say that a little boy cried the whole time because he didn't have a grandparent to eat with. She said they asked the little boy to sit with them and that they would be his grandparents for the day. Isn't the love of a Grandparent a universal language!

Yesterday, the grandparents went back to class with the kids. I went to find them before I left and found them in my son's classroom all reading a book together. I stood waiting for them to finish. The teacher interupts and announces that it was time to go to P.E. and that the grandparents could go with them if they wanted. I begin to walk to the door and I over hear my dad talking with my son's teacher.

My son is the only boy on my side of the family, other than the son in laws. Needless to say, my dad is beyond crazy over him. My dad is crazy about all his grandchildren, but he and my son have something special.

As my dad talked with the teacher, it was very obvious that he is one of my son's biggest fans. I almost started laughing because you could just hear the love spilling forth.

I was thinking about that little scene this morning and felt the Lord whispering in my heart..."You know that's how I feel about you! I am your biggest fan!"

God's love for me is hard for me to comprehend. I mean He knows me at my best but He also knows me at my worst. And He still loves me! He loves me not for my doing but in just my being me.

I don't know about you, but today I needed to be reminded that God is crazy about me!

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