Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Is The Life!

"This is the life" were the words uttered by my son as he floated on the crystal blue sea looking up at the crystal blue sky. And I could not agree with him more! I think I was meant to be a beach bum.

We are at the beach this week and the ocean is as beautiful as I have ever seen it. It is crystal clear for miles. I was told it looked like the Caribbean but I can not tell you that first hand since I have never been to the Caribbean. As I walked along the ocean, I was reminded of the line in one of my favorite praise songs "Waves crash in honor of you." I just kept singing that line over and over. I love the ocean because it reminds me how BIG my God is. You know according to Isaiah, He held it in the hollow of his hand. And you know what else...those big hands are holding you and me today!

Just a side note. I am sitting in Panera Bread because the internet does not work at our beach house. This lady is sitting across from me and she keeps starring at me. She keeps trying to look at my computer screen which makes me want to laugh. I wonder if she thinks I am some sort of secret agent or something? (Can you tell that I have an 8 year old son?)

Anyway, I wanted to tell you something that will make you laugh. I bought some of the tire floats to take with us to the beach. The kids had so much fun floating on the waves and I wanted to float on the waves myself. So, I got one of the floats and slipped it on. It was so much fun. My daughter, my niece and I just giggled and floated on the waves. Well, all was good and well until I needed to slip the float off. If you know me you know that I never will or never have worn a bikini. The general public thanks me for that. Let's just say my love for all things fattening prevents me from looking like a super model. Now,back to the slipping off of the float. I lift my arms and pull the float and suddenly my stomach feels cold. Yes, you guessed it. As I pulled the float up, so came my bathing suit and for a few seconds the only things covering my upper half was the chest lining of the suit.

I snatched my suit down and then starting dying laughing. I couldn't hardly get out of the water for laughing so hard. My husband said he did not see it and he really hated that he didn't. I am hoping the other beach goers were looking away also. We will see if anyone points and laughs today when I go back.

Speaking of going back...the beach is calling my name so I will say goodbye for now. I know it is a hard life, but really someone has to do it!

Enjoy your day!

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