Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breakfast Conversations That Explain It All!

This morning's breakfast conversation went like this:

Me: Do you want cereal, PB&J sandwich or cinnamon toast?

Max and Amelia: Waffles!

Me: We don't have any syrup for waffles. Do you want cereal, PB&J sandwich or cinnamon toast?

Amelia: Cinnamon Toast.

Max: PB&J Sandwich. No, I'll have cinnamon toast, too.

Me: I did not know you liked cinnamon toast.

Max: Well, today I think I do.

Me: Max, what do you want to drink, tea or milk?

Max: Milk.

Me: Really, I didn't think you liked milk.

(I am thinking to myself, do I even know my son. What is this? Everything he use to not like now he likes.)

So I fix him a glass of milk to go with his cinnamon toast. I go to the oven to watch the toast and he picks up the glass to get a drink.

Max: Why did you give me milk? You know I don't like milk!

Me: I asked you if you wanted milk and you said you did.

Max: No I didn't!

Amelia: Yes you did! She asked you and you said yes!

Me: You make me think I am going crazy!

Max: You are going crazy!

Amelia: Well, she is a woman!

Yes, I am a woman and some days I think the van will pull up at any time to cart me off to Loonyville!

Have a great day!

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