Thursday, October 19, 2006

Speaking Topics

I have listed below a few of my speaking topics. Each of these topics are 30-45 minutes in length and are perfect for Women's Ministry events, banquets, and conferences. I also love to search out the Word of God to see exactly what He has in store for your particular group. I enjoy customizing topics to fit with in your theme and to meet the needs of your women. I love to worship the Lord through song and usually include one or two songs that fit within the topic.

Wisdom, Pearls and a Cast Iron Squirrel
This message encourages women to examine the legacy they are leaving for future generagions. Laurie challenges participants to examine their relationship with the Lord and shows them through Scripture that the best legacy to pass along is a deep love for the Lord. Participants will journey with Laurie through parts of her childhood as she reminisces about her grandmother.

Stepping Out Onto Dry Ground
Laurie shares personally how God called her to leave her career and step out to trust Him. Women will be encouraged to examine their lives to see if they are truly living by fear or by faith. Laurie takes participants on a journey back to the banks of the Red Sea and challendges them to step out on dry ground and trust God's leading.

The King's Treasure (Retreat)
Most days we do not wake up feeling like royalty. Our bathrobe, peanut butter scented perfume and tired hair do not scream "Princess" as we look in the mirror. Oh, but as a child of God that is exactly what we are, a Priceless Princess. This retreat is comprised of the following three sessions:
  • Seekers or Worth
  • Treasuring Your Inner Beauty
  • Wedding Day Plans

God's Great Gift of Love (Christmas)

Christmas marks the beginning of the greatest love story ever told. In fact, Christmas is God's demonstration of His love for us. This message centers around 5 simple words, "God is crazy about you!"