Friday, May 3, 2013

Adoption Update

This week we sent this picture to Brenda.  We want her to know that we miss and love her very much! 

We have some news regarding our adoption of Brenda...

It appears that we are having to start over again.  What that means is that we are having to find a new lawyer, get an investigation done, and get all our documents notarized again.  It was a little hard to accept this at first.  We believe that we have found a new lawyer to work with and are looking for an investigator.  Luckily, I have all of our documents still in my notebook from our trip to Africa so it will not be too difficult to get that portion done. 

The most challenging part that lies ahead is the fundraising.  The money that we had raised last year was spent on lawyer fees, airfare, lodging and immunizations.  So, we are pretty much starting over again in this area as well. 

I loved what I read this week written by Beth Moore.  She wrote that when you have a mountain in front of you to ask God to move the mountain or to give you the strength to climb it so you can see His transcended glory.   

We know that money is not an issue to God since He owns it all anyway.  So we are just trusting Him to show us what we need to do to get our girl home!

There have been many days over the last several months where we have felt like quitting.  This has been a really long, hard journey.  But without exception, every time we have felt that way shortly after we have received some type of confirmation to keep on going.  And probably the biggest confirmation we have received is her name.  In Uganda, you are given a name that has meaning.  It may have something to do with how you were born, the season in which you were born, etc.  Brenda's birth name is Tibihabya.  Can you guess what it means?


Did you just get goose bumps?  I still get them every time I say it. 

Only God knew that the name given to her on the day that she took her first breath, would be the encouragement that two people living half a world away would need to continue in the fight before them to become her parents!

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sarahsspinestory said...

We are parting and believing for great things! I was already tearing up reading your post, but when I got down to the part telling the meaning of her name, I LOST IT! What an amazing God we have! What a blessing you are Laurie. It is a privilege to see your steady walk.

sarahsspinestory said...

*praying, not parting ;-) see, I told you I was tearing up..can't even see what I am typing

Laurie said...

Sarah - Thank you so much for your comment! We really do appreciate everyone's prayers.

Courtney said...

Laurie, this is such an inspiration! I am in tears, rejoicing with you that such a huge confirmation was given to you and Cliff.